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Friday Night Live
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - Charlotte DiFranco - 4/27

The Pretenders in Cleveland; David Bowie with Jeff Beck; Rolling Stones with Tina Turner; Joe Bonamassa, Genesis, The War on Drugs, Blackberry Smoke, Boston, the Killers, the Decemberists, Dave Matthews, and more. Friday night from 8 to midnight.

Blues Time
BLUESTIME - Alan Greene - 4/28

J. Geils with Magic Dick, Toledo’s Buck 69, s, Gary Clark, Jr., Albert Collins with Robert Cray, Austin’ Walkin’ Cane, Luther Allison, Dana Fuchs, Jim Byrnes, and more. Saturday night from 9 to midnight.

The Naked Brunch
NAKED BRUNCH - Monica Robins - 4/22

Steve Miller, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, Jason Isbell, the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, & Oasis, and Brett Dennen. Sunday from 10 am to noon and 6 to 8 pm.

Ravenna Miceli with Noelle Scaggs of Fitz and The Tantrums:

I had a conversation with Fitz & The Tantrums co-lead singer Noelle Scaggs. Noelle has family in Cleveland. She toured the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and caught a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Noelle  was also a panelist at the The City Club of Cleveland forum, Silent No More: #MeToo and the Music Industry. Hear her perspective.  Fitz and The Tantrums will be at LaurelLive festival June 9th & 10th! 
~ Ravenna Miceli


Bevan Russo
I started listening to satellite radio when I could no longer hear good music on the local stations.  The brief moment of V107.3 was all too fleeting.  On SiriusX I found the Spectrum, the Loft, Deep Tracks, and occasionally Little Steven’s station to my liking but after a few months I could hear their limitation and some of their “favorites” and most played appeared to be somewhat contrived.   I started listening to oWOW last summer and almost immediately became a regular listener.  Are you perfect?  No.  Do you play some songs I don’t like or question?  Yes.   But received as a radio station, it’s the best I have heard anywhere. You sound local and that is a good thing.  Your personalities are sincere and not contrived like the automatons on Sirius X.   Above all, oWOW eliminated my need for Pandora. The only other online service I use now is Spotify to hear my favorite songs from oWOW .(and you play songs Spotify doesn’t have!) You need to have bumper stickers and merchandise to promote yourself more

Denise Grech
Alan Greens’ Bluestime is the best blues show on Cleveland radio since Blues With Fitz. I like that you play everything from traditional to current blues and local musicians like Glenn Schwartz,  Augie, KJ and Travis Haddix too.

Alexa Update

If you are experiencing problems with getting your Amazon speakers to recognize the “Alexa, play oWOW” command, we now have verification that the company has added another layer of voice control utilities to its inclusive voice-controlled Alexa artificial intelligence.

Rather than operating the Amazon Alexa mobile app to add either “skills” or app functionality to your Echo speakers, you are now able to instruct Alexa to add new skills for you.  If you say, “Alexa, enable oWOW” to an Echo speaker, the smart software will add that skills to your personal system, according to Amazon.

This update is intended to make the basic Alexa experience less restrictive and problematical. Until now, it was relatively straightforward to go into the Alexa mobile app, go to Skills, search for new Skills and tap “Enable.”  Though that doesn’t always work. The new voice-command feature is Amazon’s concept to require minimum human-computer screen interaction.

If you continue to experience problems, oWOW can also be accessed by saying, “Alexa, play oWOW on TuneIn.”  TuneIn is an audio online digital media portal featuring worldwide radio stations and on-demand programs.  You can also utilize TuneIn to receive oWOW on over 200 connected devices, including Sonos, Bose, and Google Home connected speakers. TuneIn is also available in over 50 vehicle models, including the Tesla Model S.

And please contact us at to report any problems in receiving oWOW on your receiver of choice.

Dave Rutland
I remember other stations like V-107 and 87.7 that had promise but after a few months reached a certain pinnacle and lost their way musicially and with their DJ shuffles in the process.   When I first discovered oWOW I loved it.  I stopped listening to conventional FM radio for Pandora and Spotify instead.  They are good although I prefer having knowledgeable real DJs not robots turn me on to new music and provide backgrounds and reasons why.  What is different about oWOW is that it continually gets better, constantly surprises me with both old and new music, and has DJs that talk up not talk down to you.

Artie Grossheimer
Bluestime is my new favorite show.  You play a better variety in three hours than the full time B.B. King named station on Sirius and the station that used to be my favorite Oui Blues from Paris.  I enjoy you having Alan Greene as the host.  Having a real blues musician host a blues show. What a concept!

Melanie Klotnia
Your station is my favorite.  I remember Ravenna from WMJI.  What station is Steve Pappas from? Was he on the original Q104?

Cleveland Sessions

Welcome to the Cleveland Sessions, a live-music concert series showcasing new music coming from the heart — and the fringes — of rock ‘n’ roll.​  

The Cleveland Sessions, a partnership between, the Music Box Supper Club and oWOW, aims to play that reputation forward with video and audio recordings of special performances by bands both local and national and indie and established.

The exclusive online concert series is presented by, oWOW and the Music Box. 

oWOW and Music Box

Bill Sviokla
I heard oWOW is going to hire Lou Santini who will come back to Cleveland to do mornings. Is that true.  Lou was the best on WMMS and I also remember him from Rock107 in Akron.  Cleveland has not had a good morning show since Lanigan left town.

Liz Doty
Monica Robins has been one of my favorite tv personalities for years. I like her medical and music reports on WKYC and she fits right in with the Naked Brunch.  I was a big fan of Chrissy’s and I was sorry to see her leave.  Monica however has taken charge and her musical selections are as good as Chrissie’s and I really like her stories behind the songs and artists.  Her show is so good I try to listen to repeat broadcast in the evening.

Gretchen Delich
I love Lissie!  You have to bring her to town at one of your Music Box shows.  She reminds me of vintage Stevie Nicks without the crazy

Ashley Thai
I have listened to Ravenna on three different stations in Cleveland.  She turned me on to oldies when she was on WMJI.  Then she resurfaced on The Wave when they changed to a rock station for a brief moment.  She never sounded comfortable on the Wave/V107 but she sounds more like she did on WMJI and feels very comfortable with the music your format.  My one suggestion. Bring back her Biz2Biz Trivia she used to do on WMJI.  That will bring you thousands of former listeners from WMJI.  Even though the music is different – Ravenna transcends with her personality.  I also like Steve and Chuck too.  It’s the only station I listen to at work and at home.

Jesse Schrage
Do you have any oWOW bumper stickers?

Charity Gerdes
When are you announcing your Happy Hour concert schedule for this summer?  We loved last year’s.  If we couldn’t make it down we watched it on Facebook and listened live on oWOW.  You should make this a year around event.

Bill and Ilona Stefen
We just discovered oWOW. We didn’t know what to think of it.  One minute it was a classic rock station, then it became alternative for a few songs, followed by southern rock and music I never heard before.  Honestly I didn’t like it but I also couldn’t turn it off.  Even the songs I didn’t like at first I enjoy now.   Your musical blend is truly unique and not unlike any other station and it is now my favorite stations and the only conventional stations I listen to now are WCPN and WKSU.

Miles Cobourn
My place of work approved listening to Owow!  Previously my workplace would not allow us to listen to Pandora and Spotify anything on the internet because it seriously affected their bandwidth. It was very noticeable with Pandora.  We were allowed to play our own music on offices Bluetooth speakers.  We don’t all have the same musical tastes so some days were better than others.  Now with Owow we agree on most of the music you play.  We love the music mix of old and new and that you play lots of Dave Matthews and Dire Staits and more of the adult rock and roll and the old Cleveland stations forgot about and the couple of metal heads that like the harder stuff even like it.  Keep up the good work. Don’t change a thing.  We love it.

Most Played Tracks

Apr 17 - 23, 2018

Ryan Adams

Baby I Love You

Ryan Adams

Nathaniel Rateliff

You Worry Me

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

The Decemberists


The Decemberists

Scott Hanson

Something New

Scott Hanson

Brett Dennen

Already Gone

Brett Dennen

Coast Road


Whatever It Takes

Imagine Dragons

11.  Sanctuary – Welshly Arms
12.  Put Your Money On Me – Arcade Fire
13.  Little Victories – Michael Stanley
14.  Saturday Sun – Vance Joy
15.  No Roots – Alice Merton
16.  Pain – The War On Drugs
17.  Don’t Make Me Wait – Sting & Shaggy
18.  Backstreet Baby – Dana Fuchs
19.  Girlfriend – Anderson East
20.  Another Wrong Way Out – Falling Stars
21.  In Chains – The War On Drugs
22.  Lash Out – Alice Merton
23.  Losing Without You – Falling Stars
24.  Touch Of Grey The War On Drugs
25.  Best Days – Lissie 
26.  Waste A Moment –Kings Of Leon
27.  Hope The High Road – Jason Isbell  
28.  When You’re Falling  – Afro Celt Sound System
29.  Get Out of Your Own WayU2
30.  The Man – Killers

Most Played Artists

Apr 17 - 23, 2018

The War On Drugs

The War On Drugs

  1. Lissie
  2. Scott Hanson
  3. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  4. Decemberists
  5. Beck
  6. Brett Dennen
  7. David Bowie
  8. Chestertons
  9. Bruce Springsteen
  10. Dispatch
  11. Vance Joy
  12. Imagine Dragons
  13. Belly
  14. Anderson East
  15. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  16. Dana Fuchs
  17. INXS
  18. Pretenders
  19. J. Geils Band
  20. Sting & Shaggy
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