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Ravenna Air Staff


Weekdays and Saturday,  9 AM – 2 PM

Ravenna’s dedicated to holistic fitness, lifting weights, yoga, meditation, and biking in the Metroparks. She is a Zen organic gardener and avid birder and also enjoys reading and traveling. Ravenna supports local farms and locally sourced products. Following her Mediterranean diet she cooks locally sourced, seasonal products and pairs them with fine spirits!

Ravenna’s radio history includes WMJI and V107.3 in Cleveland, WBOS, WAAF, WHTT, WVBF, and WBZ in Boston, WPRO AM-FM and WHJY in Providence, and WOMC in Detroit. Ravenna’s radio career started at WVOI (now WMVY) in Martha’s Vineyard.   Ravenna was also a host on the nationally syndicated adult rock “Moonlight Groove” show at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Ravenna was also entertainment reporter and sales executive for the nationally syndicated Open House Party. Ravenna was the first woman to host a morning drive show on Boston radio (WBOS). 

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